Terms & Conditions of Hire

  1. The driver of the vessel must have previous basic boating experience. It is at the operator’s absolute discretion to refuse the hire of the vessel if the driver cannot meet our competency requirements at the time of the safety brief.
  2. No more than 12 adults allowed on the vessel at any time.  A child over the age of 1 is classified as an adult.
  3. No driver of the vessel can consume alcohol.
  4. No driver of the vessel can be under the influence of narcotic drugs.
  5. All passengers on the vessel must remain within the railings of the vessel whilst the vessel is in motion.
  6. No passenger can leave the boat whilst the boat is in motion.
  7. Any child under the age of 12 must wear a lifejacket at all times that the vessel is in motion.
  8. No vessel is to exceed 6 knots at any time – our vessels are GPS tracked and a warning will be sent to the operator if the vessel exceeds this speed.
  9. Any damage to the vessel during the hire period will result in further charges.
  10. Any breach of any of the above terms will result in immediate cancellation of your hire without any refund.
  11. Rescheduling of hire is permitted once free of charge with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Cancellation of hire for reasons other than unsuitable weather will result in loss of the deposit paid. We will attempt to reschedule to a suitable alternate day for you and failing this a full refund will be given. As weather can be unpredictable at times we check forecasts on the morning of hire and make determination at this time with your safety in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a boat license?

No, a boat licence is not required however basic knowledge is required when booking our pontoons. The boats are speed restricted to 6 knots. You do need a photo ID and a deposit of $100, payable at the time of booking.

Do you need to have previous boating experience?

Yes! Our team will provide you with a safety briefing and competency test before your departure, to make sure you will be safe on the water. As long as you clearly understand and abide by the instructions, it will be “smooth sailing”. 

If you don’t want to drive yourselves, you can hire a driver for $50 an hour. Please contact us on 0414 803 644 and will make the booking on your behalf.

Can I just show up, or do I need to book in?

Booking is essential as we are often booked out at least a few weeks in advance. Please ensure you book ahead via our website or by calling us. 

Do you have life jackets?

Yes, we do! Life jackets are included in the hire price.

Do the pontoons have covers to protect us from the sun while cruising?

Yes, both pontoons have some form of sun shade. We have one pontoon with a full shade and one pontoon with a half shade.

Can we stop for a swim or to fish?

Yes, of course! Sussex Inlet has plenty of spots for you to stop and cool off, or throw in a line. Lots of people hire our pontoons for fishing trips or parties.

Can I take alcohol onboard with me?

Yes, all types of beverages, including alcoholic, are allowed to be taken on board. However, it is BYO, and if you hire a self drive pontoon, the driver is not allowed to consume alcohol.

Do I need to bring an esky?

No, just bring yourself, food and drinks. An esky and complimentary ice are provided if you require it with your booking.

Do you sell food and drinks on board?

No, we don’t sell anything on board. You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks, or get in touch with any of our recommended businesses (e.g. The Grazing Gals). 

My friend is in a wheelchair. Can they come aboard?

Of course! Both of our pontoons are wheelchair accessible.

What time do I need to arrive?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your booking, to make sure you have enough time to undergo a safety briefing and load all your food and drinks onboard. This will ensure that you make the

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Ready for your next adventure?

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